Our product selection changes often… Here’s what’s new!

Early August (Harvest is coming…)

Our first big shipments of Fall product are arriving right now! New fleece & insulation from Patagonia as well as the greatly anticipated update to the Black Hole Duffel and Black Hole rolling luggage. New Trucker hats are hitting the shelves and we hear there’s a few boxes of Toad and Co on the way! Blundstone, Rossi and Redback boots continue to show up as the rush to prepare for harvest has hit the valley.

The new Black Hole series from Patagonia comes to you in a almost entirely recycled form. The fall collection used 10,000,000 plastic bottles to produce, forming the outer fabric, straps and inner lining of the duffels, backpacks and rolling luggage. What’s not recycled? The zippers and snaps! That’s it… but you know they’re working on it!